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 Psychogeriatric Service

Psychogeriatric Team serves those who are 65 years old or above residing in catchment of the Kowloon West Cluster. We offer comprehensive psychiatric assessments, treatments and rehabilitation services to those in need. Our aim is to treat each patient as a whole while tailoring to his individual treatment need, providing services ranging from that of inpatient care to community outreach services.

Scope of Services

Early Intervention and Treatment (more details)

In order to facilitate patients to obtain psychiatric help as soon as possible, our psychogeriatric team works hand in hand with our community partners and related health care professionals to provide patients with the care they require.


  • Our “Fast Track Clinic” provides early assessment to elderly patients with depressive problems and/or suicidal ideation/ attempt in order to provide them with their essential psychiatric care. This is so that patients can be identified and treated promptly to facilitate their recovering process
  • Through collaboration with community elderly service organizations and their referrals, our team provides psychogeriatric nursing assessment service to identify those in need of early psychiatric intervention and treatment
  • We also work to enhance patient’s home and community support to assist them to adapt smoothly back into the community

Community Services (more details)

  • Our psychogeriatric team continues to provide outpatient services via the Kwai Chung Psychogeriatric Outpatient Clinic cum Carer Support Centre to assist patients and their caregivers with their suitable psychiatric care
  • We offer outreach services to both private and subvented old aged homes so elderly in the community could gain access to our psychiatric service more conveniently. During our outreach service, we will closely liaise with the respective caregivers to obtain the latest update on our patient’s physical and mental well-being, and provide them with suitable professional advice and treatment
  • Those with acute or critical psychiatric need could warrant a short inpatient stay to acquire the assessment and management from our multidisciplinary team
  • Our psychogeriatric day hospital provides patients with daytime engagement, rehabilitation and training to assist both patients and their caregivers to adapt better into the community. In addition, our Psychogeriatric Day Hospital and Psychogeriatric Day Care Unit for Dementia can provide caregivers with some handling techniques and knowledge to help relieve some of their carer stress. Our Psychogeriatric Ambulatory Care Centre also offers various rehabilitation activities to enhance and maintain patient’s motivation and functioning to help them have better quality of lives
  • Our community psychogeriatric nursing service helps to promote patient’s health through improving their self-care ability, knowledge and carer skills for a more holistic care

Other Focused Services (more details)

  • Psychogeriatric Inpatient Service provide comprehensive psychogeriatric assessment, medical treatment, nursing care to patients in order to enhance their bio-psycho-social wellbeing
  • Patients and their caregivers could seek assistance from “Dementia Resources Centre” and “Carer Support Centre” to learn more information to answer their concerns

We hope to collaborate with those in our community to facilitate our patients to efficiently get their psychiatric intervention and treatment, along with their suitable community support, and accompany them in the road of rehabilitation and recovery.

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