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 Psychiatric Unit for Learning Disabilities

Psychiatric Unit for Learning Disabilities (PULD) serves clients with learning disabilities (IQ under 70), aged over 16, with superimposed mental illnesses, challenging behaviours or increased risk of developing psychiatric disorder. There is increased prevalence of mental and behavioural disturbance in clients with learning disabilities due to a complex interaction of biological, psychological, social and family factors. The presentation of the illness will depend on clients’ usual level of cognition, communicative, physical and social functioning. A comprehensive assessment by professional in the specialty could help to appropriately attribute the signs of mental illness and to relief the burden of the carers.

PULD aims at developing the abilities of clients and widen their repertoire of skills by incorporating the principles of normalization and integration through a multidisciplinary approach. PULD developed a patient support group “In-Club” and a carer support group “In-Care” to cater the needs and enhance the communication between clients and carers.

Scope of services include inpatient, outpatient and out reach services, Multi-sensory service and Motion World.

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