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 Podiatry Service

Deliver "One-stop" comprehensive service to patients suffering from various foot pathologies through examination, diagnosis, treatment and foot health education.

Promote healing of foot pathologies, alleviate pain, prevent development of limb threatening foot complications, involve in lower limb salvage, facilitate independent ambulation and ultimately improve quality of life.

Service is now provided to inpatients and day patients at Kwai Chung Hospital.

Outpatient service can be received at other hospital Podiatry clinics in Kowloon West Cluster (including Princess Margaret Hospital, North Lantau Hospital, Caritas Medical Centre and Yan Chai Hospital) via Kwai Chung Hospital doctor referrals.

Scope of Services

  • Skin pathologies (e.g. corn and callus, fungal infection, wart, fissuring/cracking, blistering, ulceration, etc.)
  • Nail pathologies (e.g. ingrowing toenail, fungal infected toenail, thickened or deformed toenail, subungal ulcer, etc.)
  • Lower limb biomechanical pathologies (e.g. plantar fasciitis, heel pain syndrome, pathological flat feet, high arch feet, metatarsalgia, toe deformities, etc.)


General Enquiry: 2959 8111

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