Occupational Therapists work closely with the Mental Health Treatment Team and the carers. According to the needs and choices of the Person in Recovery (PIR), the therapist uses individual or group treatment activities to facilitate the PIR to learn life, work and leisure skills.

Adopting the recovery concepts, the therapist fully utilises the 10 recovery elements to facilitate the Child & Adolescent, adults and psychogeriatric PIR to walk through their recovery journeys. The therapist empowers them to set their recovery goals, meet their needs, understand their strengths and to self-manage their illnesses, ultimately helping them to integrate back to the community and take up personal life roles.

The vision of the Department is that all PIRs shall lead a meaningful life of their choices. The mission is to maximise their potential to take up family, work and life roles.


Scope of Services

  1. Work Rehabilitation (more details)
    1. Work Skills assessment
    2. Desktop Publishing
    3. Car Cleansing & Mobile Cleansing
    4. Convenient Shop
    5. Industrial Rehabilitation
    6. Craft Workshop
    7. Laundry Unit
    8. Multi-media Learning Centre
    9. Tailoring Workshop
  2. Self Management (more details)
    1. Recovery 360
    2. 5 Ways to Well-being
    3. TRIP - Illness Management Programme
    4. Changeways Programme
    5. Occupational Life-style Re-design Programme
  3. Life-skills (more details)
    1. Activities of Daily Living (ADL) skills assessment and training
    2. Community Living skills assessment and training
    3. Social Skills Training
    4. Cognitive Training
  4. Leisure (more details)
    1. Snack Class
    2. Ba Duen Jin
    3. Horticulture
    4. Sports Programme
  5. Supported Employment Service (more details)
    Through Supported Employment Service, the Occupational Therapist supports PIRs with mental illness to achieve employment by providing them with individualised support like identification of skills and interest, helping them to find a job through rapid job placement and providing on-going worksite training and support.
    1. Vocational Counseling and Career Guidance
    2. Career Planning and Counseling Programme
    3. Job Matching
    4. Job Coaching and On-going Support
    5. Supported Employment Peer Service (led by our trained Peer Support Specialists to provide vocational support service)
    6. Job Buddies Training Programme
    7. Peer Support (Job) Club (Self-led mutual support group)
  6. Occupational Therapy Subspecialty Services 
    1. Child & Adolescent
    2. Psychiatric Unit for Learning Disabilities
    3. Substance Abuse Assessment Unit
    4. Psychogeriatric  

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