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 Medical Social Service Unit

Medical social workers (MSWs) provide timely psycho-social intervention to patients and their families in helping them cope with or solve problems arising from illness, trauma or disability.

The objectives of MSWs are:

  1. To assist patients and their families with emotional or daily living problems arising from illness, trauma or disabilities
  2. To enable patients to make the best use of the medical / rehabilitation services in medical institutions and the community
  3. To contribute to the total rehabilitation (physical, medical and social) of patients, and their reintegration into society
  4. To strive for the promotion of health awareness for patients, their families and the community

Scope of Services

  1. Provide counseling services for patients and families with emotional, family, caring, relationship problems, etc. arising from illness, trauma or disabilities
  2. Formulate a discharge plan and conduct psychosocial assessment for patients, and make referral for rehabilitation services and community resources for patients and their families
  3. Financial assistance and other services, such as hospital fee waiving, social securities and disabilities allowance
  4. Collaborate with other health care providers in the community and provide the necessary assistance for them
  5. Provide group counseling services or organize seminars for patients or their families

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